Welcome to the Big Sky Chapter, which covers the entire State of Montana, Big Horn, Hot Springs, Johnson, Park and Sheridan counties in Northern Wyoming and all of Yellowstone National Park. We currently have 181 members, 23 of which are students located at Montana Tech.

2010 Rising Star Award      

Big Sky Chapter Strategic Plan

Approved June 17, 2013

The Big Sky Chapter of ASSE shall:

  1. be the champion of the safety, health, and environmental (SH&E) professionals throughout our geographical area which includes Montana, Wyoming Counties of Big Horn, Hot Springs, Johnson, Park, and Sheridan, and Yellowstone National Park.
  2. lead the profession in our geographical area, and
  3. meet the professional needs of Big Sky members.

The Big Sky Chapter of ASSE is a member-driven association providing representation, promotion, and support for members engaged in the profession and/or the practice of SH&E in their efforts to protect people, property, and the environment.

The Big Sky Chapter of ASSE values the profession and the protection of people, property, and environment. It maintains the highest level of professional ethics, mutual trust, and treats all with dignity and respect. The Big Sky Chapter provides the highest quality service for members while making responsible use of resources.


  1. Meet member needs for peer interaction and professional development through conferences (both stand alones and in conjunction with other groups), Safety Flix through telecommunication, and exploring the formation of Chapter sections in areas remote to our central administration area.
  2. Maintain an effective organization for achieving the Mission of the Big Sky Chapter by at least meeting the ASSE Mandatory Eligibility Requirements to achieve recognition through the annual "Chapter Stars Recognition Program."
  3. Establish and maintain an Awards Committee to recognize members for their contributions to the EH&S profession.
  4. Develop and maintain mechanisms to recruit, retain, and nurture members, including student members.
  5. Establish and maintain effective communications among safety professionals through newsletters, a website, FUZE teleconference meetings, and Dept. of Labor (DOLI) focus groups.
  6. Promote our Chapter and the ES&H profession in Montana by partnering and aligning with other safety and health organizations such as alliances with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, DOLI focus groups, promoting safety poster contests through NAOSH, and WorkSafeMT.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Chapter President, Mike Wacker at Mike.Wacker@plumcreek.com. Phone 406-892-6892.